Recent bookshop events

October ...

National Poetry Day was a great success this year, as usual, with some innovations around our Poetry Post. This is the traditional attack by nocturnal poets on Huntly Square where poems appear overnight to entertain the early morning population. This year, Orb's Bookshop contributed volunteer helpers and a box of poetry books which was left at the bus stop for commuters to choose a book from. The box was empty later on in the day. Special thanks are due to Ann Dean for the illuminated poems posted in the Huntly Hotel windows, and to Tim Branson for helping to stick them up (no ladder required!) Christine Sell took some pictures.


This site is still under construction, and we don't have all of our events up yet. This is just a wee example of the kind of things we get up to!

We do everything we can to support reading in the community, and this includes taking our pop-up bookshop out to school and local events. Give us a call to book us!


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