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Community Events
On this page you'll find short reports of the wider work we do in our local communities

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Every year we run a free puzzle trail or hunt around Huntly for the school holidays. This year Orbs Bookshop have hidden a Bee in some of the independent shops in Huntly. We love getting folk dashing around all the brilliant independent shops in the town searching for clues and with their grown-ups hopefullly doing a little shopping along the way. What better way to get all your shopping done and have some fun in the process?!

Participating shops will have a small Bee in a window and a Bee object or book inside. There are 14 in all. 

Bee Trailers should note down what they find in each shop and make up a slogan all about bees.

Pick up your entry form from the bookshop, or download your own and print here.

Return your filled in forms to Orbs Bookshop by the 26th of July 2023

The Rhynie Gala

Orb's had a 'pop-up bookshop' at the Rhynie Gala on Saturday 20th August 2022, run by Flora and Carol. The event was a great success and the technology (our new remote barcode reader and mobile credit card reader) worked very well, much to our relief.


After an overcast, damp start to the morning, it turned into a bright sunny day, albeit a bit breezy, with gusts that meant the volunteers spent a lot of time rescuing books that had been blown over!! But none of that mattered. The event was well attended, with Scottish Dancing, the Huntly & District Pipe Band, races for all ages and many other attractions, including 20+ stalls run by various local charities and organisations.


We decided to stick to just three main types of book for the Gala; new and secondhand childrens books, new and secondhand Scottish Interest and secondhand crime/thrillers.

We'd recently ordered some new display stands for our children's section in the shop and these worked a treat on the day. Thanks go to our children's section coordinator, Jennie, for sourcing those.


It was a lovely day all round and we sold £220 worth of books in 3 hours!

It was well worth attending and lots of people who visited the stall were delighted to be able to get books, and they have said that they are looking forward to coming over to Huntly to visit us in person. There is no bookshop in Rhynie and lots of people said how lovely it was being able to have a browse for something new to read.

We often take our pop-up shop out to events and schools. Please do drop us an email if you would like us to come to your location.

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