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Oor books

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Orb’s Bookshop is run be Huntly fowk fur aabody thit likes books. Oor books and pamphlets on the History and Geography o the North-East are a big thing in the shop. We hiv a lot on the places an the fowk roon aboot.

The spik o the toon, the fishin on the Bogie, Deveron and Isla are aa things we kin help fowk wi. We hiv heaps on the Doric, specially poems and stories o writers fae here aboots.

Ye micht be here in Huntly because o George MacDonald. Famous at the time o Victoria and still weel kent an likit. We mak sure we hiv a fair puckle o aa his books. Myn, ye kin get mair on him it –

At Orb’s we hiv baith aal an new books, fiction an non-fiction, bairns’ books, travel books, cookin books, books on gairdinin and heaps mair.

Aal books an anes ye micht wint tae collect. We sell online via Abe Books.

Ony book ye wint tae get haud o, or if ye wint ideas o’ fit tae read – jist come in an see us.

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