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A message from Orb's founders - Annie and John Lamb.

"In the days when computers could be built at home, and sold for a modest profit, we created Orb Computer Systems. The name ‘Orb’ is a contraction of Ourobouros, shrunk to fit on a one-inch-square computer-case badge.

In 2001, we rented the shop in Deveron Street, intending to open a centre for IT training. For this we needed to build a few machines, and we couldn’t afford to. Yet there was the shop. So we filled it with books, and at the end of April we began trading.

The bookshop didn’t make money, but at first the sales of computers supported it. After we gave up building them, we landed a part-time job. This paid the shop’s bills for the next few years. All too soon, retirement loomed: with no salary, how could we run the shop? Our friends from Huntly Writers stepped in, became volunteers and saved the whole enterprise. Wonderful!"


The next chapter began...


In 2013 Huntly Writers got money fae the Huntly Cultural Fund t fin oot if the Orb’s Bookshop cud be made into a book shoppie, nae fur maakin siller bit fur the gweed o the toon.

Keen fowkies got the shoppie up an rinnin and it’s been that wye fae 2013, lookit after be mannies an wifies fae the toon an oot aboot.

Open ilka day bar Sunday the shop fowk dinna get peyed and aa the profits are pit back intae the shop or projects thit help the toon.

In 2021 Orb's moved tae a new shoppie at 10 ½ The Square.

Fit we wint tae dae is tae get fowk intae reading books an keep em readin books. Nae jist fowk fae Huntly but fae roon aboot an visitors tae the toon.

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Where it all began

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