Frequently asked


Frequently asked questions

Div ye sell new books?

Aye. Through oor Abe Bookshop we sell special books like signed an first editions, but theres a lot mair in oor shop in Huntly. We kin order books fur ye an ane o' oor volunteers kin help ye fin fit ye'r lookin fur.

Ah'm lookin fur this ae bookie, kin ye sort me oot?

Nae bother! Jist phone or email us an we'll see fit we kin dae. An if ye want tae spik tae ane o us book lovers, ring fan the shop is open - Monday tae Setterday 10 - 4

Div ye sell book tokens?

Michty aye, an ye kin pey fur oor books usin em.

Kin ah haud a githerin at yer shoppie?

Aye. We dae this aa the time. We'd need tae hae a news wi ye aboot fit ye wint tae dae, an then we'll see if we kin sort something oot.

Ah'm a writer an Ah'd like tae come in past. Is that okay?

Thit would be fine. We're pleased thit ye'r thinkin aboot us and we'd be glaid o a visit. Gie us a phonie, or come in by an we'll see fit we kin dae fur ye.

Ah'm an artist, kin ye sell or show aff ma wark in yer shop?

We dae this aften, but is a lot of fowk wint tae dae displays we cud only gie ye a month it a time. We dinna charge, bit we div ask fur wee commission on onythin selt in the shop. Is weel ye hiv tae hae insurance on yer stuff, an ye hiv tae ken thit there's risks haein a display in a busy wee shop.