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Ever since we first opened we have relied on the kindness of volunteers

We are very proud of our team, and every one of us is a volunteer. We run the bookshop as a collective and we discuss all decisions from the way we arrange the furniture to the planning of the events and outreach we take part in. If it was not for our volunteers Orb's would not exist. Being part of the bookshop team means as much to the volunteers as it does to the community.


Our volunteers come from all walks of life and this means that our collective knowledge base and lived experience is vast! Our volunteers run the shop on a daily basis, order books and other materials, chat with customers, arrange displays, do storytelling, help with our pop-up shop at events and schools, organise the shop layout, add new books to the catalogue, plan events, and so much more. Basically - if you can think of what a community bookshop might need it is done by the volunteers! 


Ever dreamed of helping to run a bookshop?

We are always looking for new people to join the team. If you feel you would like more details on how to join our friendly bookshop family please email and ask for an application form.

You don't have to sign up for a regular slot, but that is helpful.

You won't need any special skills other than a willingness to learn something new, a cheery disposition for teamwork and for the customers, a trustworthy spirit, and a love of books and community.

Footnote - you won't be under any obligation to dress up for events, but we're not ruling that out as an option! :-)

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"Being part of the bookshop team has meant so much to me. Not only is it great fun but it's doing something solid to help the community. I love being part of something so rewarding"

Dawn - bookshop team member

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