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Orb's Bookshop

Shipping & Returns

We kin post books tae ony place in the world. Bit ye hiv tae myn we’re awa up here in the North East corner o’ Scotland and it could tak a filie fur stuff tae get till ye. So ye micht hiv tae be patient. We’re nae that faist but we’ll fairly look aifter ye.

If yer in the UK it’ll be siccond class postage. Fu much is on the wecht o the book. If yer orderin mair thin ae book we’ll work oot a combined price. We check wi fowk thit price and postage are OK afore we tak the fuul payment.

We kin set up a speedier delivery bit it’ll cost mair. Speir at us if ye’d like a quote.

Return & Exchange Policy

Online returns are difficult. We’re a wee shoppie an we canna pey for returns. We’ll dae it if we hiv sent ye the wrang book. Bit we’d ask ye tae be sure thit the book yer orderin is definitely the ane ye wint, so if ye wint tae send back a book, fair aneuch bit we canna pey fur yer return postage. Sorry fur that. Ilka penny we maak his tae ging back in tae the shop.

If ye walk in tae the shop an buy a book and then decide it’s nae the ane ye winted come back in afore 28 days is up an if the book is in the same condeeshun is fan ye bocht it, that’s fine. Myn an tak yer receipt wi ye. That’s a must.

Shipping Policy

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