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ORB'S Bookshop

Store Policies

“Fit we’re aa aboot”

We wint fowk tae use books tae help think fur theirsels an we wint a place faar books kin be seen and bocht, new or siccond haan. We wint oor shop tae be faar there’s lots o information aboot faimilies, clans an local history. Ony special book a body wints we kin get through oor trade suppliers.

Lookin aifter oor customers is big fur us. We like books an wint tae share oor likin o books we aabody that comes in by. We winna sell or gie awa personal data an we winna bother ye wi spam, junk mail or newsletters. We dinna keep yer details. There’s nae file on ye so dinna get fashed if ye hiv tae fill in them boxes ilka time ye buy online fae us.

We’ll aye be ethical and responsible. We’re afa green conscious, we recycle, buy local an wint tae save the planet. Aabody that works in the bookshop sticks till a set o’ ethical principles and aabody is weel up on current GDPRs.

Aye, ye kin trust us!


If yer haein a local event (like an author comin) we kin provide multiple copies o’ books but ye’d hiv tae let us ken early on. We’d gie ye a quote, an (if ye gie us a bit o a waarnin) we could weel be able to offer books on sale or return.

We ging till a lot o events durin the year an kin easy bring oot a pop-up bookshop till the likes o fayres, book festivals an mairkets. Fooivver oor calendar gets fuul up quick so mak sure ye gie us fair waarnin. 

Payment Methods

• Credit / Debit Cards - we can take most credit and debit cards, and have contactless tech in the shop, or we take good old-fashioned cash.

Our Mission Statement, privacy and ethics

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