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Orb's Bookshop

Shipping & Returns

We can post books anywhere in the world, and love reaching out to booky folk all over the world. However, remember that we are in the far north-east of Scotland and things can take a little longer getting from us to you. We do ask that you be a little patient with us. What we lose in speed, we make up for in excellent customer service!

If you are in the UK, we send things standard Royal Mail second-class postage and postage depends on the weight of the book, but we'll try to keep it as cheap as possible. It's normally only a couple of pounds, and if you order more than one we can work out a combined price. We will calculate postage on each delivery and will check that the price is okay with you before we take full payment.

We can arrange speedier delivery if you are desperate for something, but it will cost a little more. Please ask if you would like a quote.

Return & Exchange Policy

Online returns are a bit tricky. We are a small community bookstore and so we can't afford to pay for returns unless the book is not as described. We'd ask that you read the description very carefully and be absolutely sure it's the book you really want before you buy it. If you do want to return a book, we can't afford to cover your return postage I'm afraid. We're really sorry about that, but we have to put every penny back into the shop.

If you buy a book in person, or want to return in person, we can do that for you within 28 days of purchase. Please return it in the same condition of purchase, and do bring your receipt with you.

Shipping Policy

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